Thoughts. Thoughts. Thoughts.

Nope. Don’t ask me if i understood something on the review sheet because 99% of the time I’m even more clueless than you.

Theres this one chick who sits in front of me in class and always glares at me?

I don’t even know you?? Who are you? I sort of want to stick my tongue out at her… But thats a little childish for someone in nursing classes.

Oh well.


Now, this debate has come up a few times in fandom where people have argued that shipping IchiRuki must mean you ship NaruSaku and the same with SasuSaku and IchiHime (and other ships too) but I’ve never seen an accumulated amount of answers to actually look at. Of course, the characters are…

I ship sasusaku (otp) and naruhina and my otp for bleach is ichihime
The most important question

"Not sure If these are period cramps or I just need to poo?"

2013 was a shit year but it was also the start of my recovery. And although it’s not a year I’ll look back and think about… It was needed for me to get my life together.

Went to the beach with my best friend; and also my boyfriend and his sister. It was so lovely. As much as florida sucks in the summer.. At least in the winter when the rest of the states are freezing their butts off… We can still go to the beach. Though these days are almost non existent… We all grew up way too fast.

I’ll post stuff here soon